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What to look out for when choosing a Tax Advisor

What to look out for when choosing a Tax Advisor

Tax planning is crucial as a means to improve your financial profit by ensuring that you are not overpaying the amount that you have due in taxes. This is why it is highly advisable to get a tax advisor who will help you through the process.

According to author, speaker, and businessman, Robert Kiyosaki, the most important person in your financial life is your tax advisor.  Therefore, it goes without saying that choosing a tax advisor is a critical decision that should be made carefully with proper planning and analysis.

The first thing you need to do is decide what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for a tax preparer or a financial adviser? Are you trying to decide if you have saved enough for retirement or for your son or daughter’s education?

A few helpful tips to consider when choosing a tax advisor are:


  1. When looking to choose a tax advisor, you should look out for technical competence.

Technical competence involves looking at how much experience they possess, if they belong to any professional organization, and if they can take complicated terms and explain them to you in a way that is easy to understand. Make sure that they are also specialized as tax advisors.

Only a specialized tax advisor would be aware of the updated tax rules. Financial advisors focus on everything, so they may not be aware of new information regarding tax planning.


  1. Pricing:

Make inquiries about how much they charge. They should be able to clearly explain how you will be billed for the services they’re offering. Do not be reluctant or shy to ask this question. You will be paying for a service and you want to be sure you’re getting a service worth your money


  1. Make inquiries:

If you will hire them as your tax advisor, you should be asking as many questions as possible especially from people who have used their service before.


  1. How available are they?

Ask questions about their work schedules and availability. Make sure that they’ll be available all through the year. Tax planning is usually a long process and you need someone who will be available to adequately analyze your financial situation.


  1. Choose someone who matches your needs:

Like we stated above, you need to know what your needs are first. Then you can proceed to find someone who will fulfill those requirements.


  1. Plan a meeting with them:

Speaking over the phone is good but before deciding on whether to pick them or not, you should meet with them one on one. This helps make things clearer and helps you see how confident they are in what they do and their ability to provide you with the results that you desire.

It is always best to interview a number of tax advisors, compare, and communicate before deciding which of them you want to retain.

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