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What is IRS Notice CP22E?

What is IRS Notice CP22E?

If you have just undergone an IRS tax audit, then you shouldn’t be surprised if you get a CP22E notice from the IRS. This notice comes to let you know that as a result of your recent tax audit, the IRS has made certain changes to your tax return and as a result of this, you now owe an additional tax liability.

Receiving the CP22E notice can be quite unnerving and it might scare you; that is perfectly normal. Nevertheless, you should rest assured that there are ways out if you find yourself in one of these complicated tax situations. With the right assistance, you’ll have your tax issues settled and be back in control of your finances in no time.

Most times, an audit precedes the CP22E notice, however, there are a few times that it doesn’t.

If the money the IRS says you owe is a large sum and you can not afford to it upfront, there are several options available for you to explore and settle your debt in an easier way. In the case where you disagree with the information supplied on the notice, you are at liberty to legally dispute the notice.

If what you need is help with a tax audit, we’ve got you. Our team of trained tax professionals can walk you through these processes and give you your life back. Give us a call today at 888-585-8629.

Making sense of the CP22E may be a bit complicated but it is not an impossible situation. What then do you do when you receive the IRS notice CP22E?


What to do when you receive a CP22E notice

Being that the CP22E notice has some form of link with the IRS audit, it is pertinent that you pay attention to it and respond appropriately.

It is dangerous to keep stacking up IRS notices when you receive them instead of responding to them promptly. While some notices are strictly for informational purposes and thus do not require you to take any action, others require your urgent response.

Regardless of what notice it is, it is good to seek to understand what it says and what actions are necessary to take, if it requires that any action be taken.

Steps you must take when you receive the CP22E notice are as follows:

  • Study the notice carefully as soon as you receive it. It is not impossible for the IRS to make mistakes. You have to study the documents extensively to ensure that no mistakes were made.
  • If after going through the notice, you agree with the information, then you are expected to pay the balance due within the timeframe provided by the IRS. You can pay the CP22E via check, money order, or in some cases online. The deadline for payment is usually 21 days.

The moment you have made payments and agreed in writing to the proposal, the issue is settled.

On the other hand, if you disagree with the information on the notice, you can do something about it. You are not mandated to pay what you do not owe. You are allowed to request an audit reconsideration. As always, it is strongly recommended that you get a professional for proper audit representation.

If you have already started making payments, requesting an audit reconsideration may be difficult.


What do I do if I can not pay the balance requested by the IRS?

If you have received the CP22E notice, carefully gone through it, and agreed with the information therein, you may still be unable to pay. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you may want to explore the IRS debt settlement plan.

The IRS has different options for you to pick from. The complexity or simplicity of which would depend on your tax situation and debt amount. If your balance due is below $50,000, it is easier. You can even call the IRS immediately, using the number on your notice, and agree on an installment payment plan.

However, if the debt is above $50,000, it is a bit more complex than that. Your best bet is to seek the advice of a tax professional. Call us now at 888-585-8629 for the best assistance.


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