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What does IRS letter 12C mean for your Taxes?

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Just received the IRS letter 12C?

Along the course of your tax life, you are bound to receive many notices from the IRS, one of which may be a letter 12C. This is because the IRS Letter 12C, (also known as Information Request) is one of the many types of notices that the IRS sends to people.

Receiving notices from the IRS can be a bit unnerving but understanding each notice and what it’s about is pertinent to know what step to take if you receive an IRS letter 12C.

When a notice comes from the IRS, it usually would include the contact information of the IRS and the notice number e.g Letter 12C.

In this post, we’re going to be telling you everything you need to know about the Letter 12C notice or the Information Request from the IRS.


What is the IRS letter 12C?

The IRS will send you a Letter 12C when they need you to provide more information in order for them to process a tax return.

This notice simply means that vital information is missing on your tax return and the IRS can not process your tax return without it. The information could be anything, ranging from missing forms or schedules to support your entries, documentation to reconcile advances, income verification documents, or your signature.


Is IRS letter 12C an audit?

Absolutely not. The IRS letter 12C is simply a notice sent to you by the IRS to alert you that your tax return was received but you’re required to provide additional information.


How to handle an IRS letter 12C

It is necessary to take the right steps when you receive a notice from the IRS. Ignoring an IRS letter 12C or trying to hide from them could lead to unpleasant consequences. According to the IRS, you should take the following steps when you receive a Letter 12C notice from them.

First, you need to go through the Letter 12C notice carefully to ascertain that it came from the IRS and it is not a fake IRS Letter 12C. After confirming, go over the notice and carefully read through, to take in all of the information. The notice will explain what information is needed and how it affects your own tax return.


How do you respond to a 12C letter?

Follow the steps prescribed in the letter, and if you’re wondering where to mail your Letter 12C response, that’s easy. Simply send it to the IRS either via mail or fax, using the fax number on the notice. If you’re responding through mail, you should ensure that it is sent by certified mail as proof that you did send a response just in case it doesn’t get to the IRS.


The Letter 12C notice may not be anything serious or have any bad consequences f0r your tax life. It may just require a few steps to get rectified. Ignoring it, however, is where a problem might arise.

Additionally, if you do not know what steps to take, you may not make the best of the situation. We are tax professionals who can help you make sense of your IRS letter 12C. Contact us today and we will make the process easy.


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