You are currently viewing Letter 3391 The IRS 30 day letter for non-filers

Letter 3391 The IRS 30 day letter for non-filers

Just received the IRS 30 day letter?

Filing all of your income tax returns is an important obligation because the IRS takes note of your tax compliance and keeps records of whether or not you have been faithfully paying your taxes.

If you failed to file an income tax return in any of the previous years, it’s easy to think that you have gotten away with it; hey, not so fast. Slyly avoiding your tax obligations with the hopes that they would magically go away will not do much to help you. In fact, the IRS has special letters reserved for people who try to cheat on their taxes by failing to file their tax returns. Often times, this act incurs additional penalties on your tax liability, making you owe more money in taxes than you actually should.

If you receive an IRS 30 day letter for non-filers, know that the IRS expects a response from you as soon as possible, and the failure to respond can lead to a tax lien or a tax levy.

The IRS 30 day letter comes when they detect that you are missing tax returns for many or a specific previous year.

The Letter 3391, (otherwise known as the IRS 30 day letter for non-filers) contains a couple of things that you should pay attention to, such as  the tax years that are not accounted for, the amount you owe as a result, the deadline – a date y which you MUST contact the IRS -, and a form which you can use to respond to the IRS 30 day letter.


How to avoid getting Letter 3391 from the IRS

Different letters from the IRS have different meanings and implications. Some are of little significance while others are very important, and ignoring them can lead to serious consequences. A 30 day letter (or Letter 3391) belongs to the latter category of IRS notices you should not ignore.

This letter is one that you should do all in your possible best to avoid. Again, we stress that it is important to do all that is within your means to avoid getting letter 3391, but you dont have to worry because steering clear of an IRS 30 day letter is easy.

30 day letter

30 day letters

To avoid all the drama that comes with 30 day letters, all you have to do is ensure that your taxes remain compliant by filing your tax returns. This simple action is vital, especially if you expect to owe some taxes like estimated, or self-employment taxes.

If you expect to receive a refund or pay no liability, the IRS may not really focus on you even if you do not file a tax return, but it is still advisable for you to file your returns yearly. You can go the extra length by talking to a qualified tax professional to ensure that you are on the right path and that you do not eventually land in trouble with the IRS.


How to respond to an IRS 30 day letter

The first thing to do when you receive Letter 3391 from the IRS is to decide if you want to handle it yourself. Take into notice the fact that your lack of knowledge can affect your decisions and therefore your outcome.

If the issue is simple and straightforward and you are sure that you know how to respond, you can simply do that by calling the IRS or writing them to either agree or dispute the content of the letter you received. If you’re disputing, you can file an appeal by simply following the steps written in the letter

Remember that the IRS 30 day letter has a deadline – that is why it is called a 30 day letter in the first place. You are expected to do all of this before 30 days elapses. Note that the 30-day period starts counting from the day you receive the notice.

If you do not want to handle the situation alone, you can seek assistance from one of our trained tax professionals by calling us at 888-585-8629 and we’ll walk you through the process.

Remember that ignoring a 30 day letter from the IRS can lead to a tax lien or a tax levy being placed on your account. It is best to steer cler of it by simple remaining tax compliant.

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