You may have received a notice from the IRS  regarding your unresolved taxes, but you may not have sufficient funds to pay up. In a situation like this, it is fundamental that you begin to seek out the options available to you.

There are programs that exist to help reduce the overall amount to be paid in taxes by people who have overwhelming amounts of tax debts. We will carefully evaluate your situation to be able to accurately judge which tax relief strategy works best for you.

We are well experienced in helping people put an end to their tax problems by helping them find workable solutions towards resolution.

However, it should be duly noted that this does not in any way imply that Tax resolution will erase your tax debt. It doesn’t mean that you no longer have to pay what you owe, it simply makes it easier for you to pay by negotiating better payment options and amounts.

Leaving your tax unresolved can put you in a tight situation where you become the object of enforced collection actions from the IRS. It may also lead to the seizure of some of your assets. Call us now on 877-700-5790 for immediate assistance.


How we resolve your tax debt

We approach every case based on its complexity and uniqueness. Generally, our tax resolution process involves three phases: 

  1. The transcript investigation phase

This is the preparatory stage where we gather information and take a deeper look into your tax documents. At this stage, you are already slightly relieved because you are no longer handling all the complexities on your own. However, we are not fully representing you yet. We are still getting our facts together and assembling details like what tax years need to be filled, where you worked, and how much you made. This helps us gain insight into what tax relief methods will work best in your situation.  

  1. The compliance phase

This is the second phase and it is important because the IRS will not resolve your case if you are not compliant with their conditions. The fact that you have made payments at any time does not automatically translate to you being compliant. The IRS loves to receive payment from you, so they will accept payments from you at any time.

If all your taxes are not filed, the IRS can not access how much you owe. This is why we help you become compliant by collating and filling all your taxes properly for resolution.

We check all loose ends and ensure you are fully compliant before we move to the next step which is the resolution phase.

  1. The resolution phase.

The final step is to resolve the tax debt and the process differs for every case. This phase requires a lot of experience and knowledge.

We take a more microscopic look into your case and the options available to you. We consider how much you owe, how much you are able to pay, and other very important details.

The moment we arrive at a resolution, we will submit it for approval and guide you on what you should do during this period. At the end of it all, we help you bring your tax problems to an end.