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As a customer-driven tax relief firm, we take pride in our ability to provide you with quick, effective, and affordable tax relief solutions. 

Our team of licensed professionals is always available to help you fix your IRS and state tax issues with no huge upfront fees or licensed costs. Request a free case review now. 

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Our Services

Tax Resolution

We ensure that you pay only what you owe in taxes and not a penny more.

Tax Relief

We find workable solutions that help you reduce the amount you owe in taxes.

Unfiled Taxes

We file and amend your tax returns to ensure that there are no errors reported.

Tax Representation

We represent your interests and help you take advantage of tax relief opportunities.

What is Tax Relief?

The IRS and state taxation authorities make provisions for taxpayers to get a reduction in the amount they owe and avoid certain penalties.

Our team of experts will help you identify and take advantage of such opportunities in order to avoid bank levies, wage garnishments, tax liens, and other complications. 

Attorneys are like heroes that help you fight when you can’t do it alone. Unlike accountants who deal mainly with numbers, attorneys handle both planning and problematic events. Learn More

We will check your tax returns to see if the amount reported there can be reduced, as it is not uncommon for people to receive taxation letters with balances that are erroneous.

Once we have determined the real tax balance you owe, we will begin to consider which tax relief method is most suitable for you. The resolution methods we offer include: Learn More

We are a reputable tax relief agency because we first take all relevant financial and tax documents into account before recommending any tax relief solution Learn More

What Our Clients Say

We have helped hundreds of clients find tax relief solutions, let us help you too. 

I always dread filing tax returns. The numbers are confusing and the documents are simply too many. Souri, Gazda, and Co. helps me avoid this inconvenience by filing my tax returns for me. Awesome!
Emily Richardson
These guys helped me recognize all the credits and deductions that I was missing when filing my tax returns. I now pay lower in taxes than I've ever paid, thanks to them.
Mike Devos
I have been managing severe kidney disease, and I was way behind on my taxes due to extreme financial difficulty. The firm helped get my account into "Currently not Collectable" status, meaning that i no longer have to make payments on my tax debts.
Diana Jenskin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Relief Form

First, we assess your unique situation during our free consultation, next we ask you to provide all the necessary documents required for us to have a good knowledge about the specifics of your case. Once you sign up to become our client, we will contact all the relevant tax authorities to retrieve necessary information and to negotiate effectively on your behalf.

Depending on the specific details of your financial and tax situation, we can get you workable tax relief solutions. These include tax relief options such as an offer in compromise, currently not collectible status, or innocent spouse relief. Call us now for further details.

If you have filed an erroneous tax return, do not panic. Your best bet is to hand the process over to skilled tax professionals like us, who can easily identify and correct such errors. We can also take over the tax filing process on your behalf to ensure that such errors do not happen again. 

Yes, you unresolved tax issues can send you to federal prison. However, by retaining a team of skilled tax professionals like us, the chances this happening will be drastically reduced. 

Our initial consultation is free. We will review your case and give you advice based on the uniqueness of your tax debt situation. If you decide to retain us, we will take up all your tax issues and fight the IRS aggressively on your behalf.

Yes, the IRS is within their rights to seize your assets over the non-payment of your taxes. What is worse is that they do not need court approval to do so.

Being in tax debt negatively affects your credit rating. This can have a ripple effect on your ability to get a loan, find accommodation, or even gain employment. 

Yes. As a team of qualified tax professionals, we are equipped to handle both IRS and state tax issues.

If you have been notified of an imminent wage garnishment by the IRS, do not wait for it to happen because it will. Preventing a wage garnishment is much more difficult than having one reversed. However, our knowledge and expertise allows us provide solutions to taxpayers who find themselves in either situation.

You may be able to file tax returns and deal with your tax revenue officer singlehandedly; however, when you run into complications with the IRS or state tax authorities, it is best to hand the situation over to a professional tax consulting agency like us. 

A tax lien is a hold placed on your assets by the IRS, while a tax levy is the seizure of your assets towards the resolution of your delinquent taxes. 

If you are facing financial difficulty, we can get the IRS to put your account into “currently not collectable” status. This stops all tax collection activities on your account until your financial situation improves. 

Yes, we can. We will reach out to the relevant authorities to gain proper documentation and adequately assess your tax situation.