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Return Selected for Examination- Understanding the IRS Letter 2205

Letter 2205 – Return Selected for Examination

Did you receive an IRS Letter 2205? Are you wondering what it is and what you’re expected to do about it? Well, we’re here to give you all the information you need. The IRS sends messages to taxpayers through various notices and letters. These notices or letters are meant to communicate specific messages to the taxpayer.

When you receive a notice like the Letter 2205 from the IRS, it is wise to go over it and respond as soon as possible because many of these notices have deadlines, after which you can not respond or challenge any accidents or errors. This may or may not have unpleasant consequences for your tax life.


Irs letter 2205 – What it means and how to respond to it

The Irs letter 2205 notifies you that an audit or examination will be carried out on your tax return. The letter 2205 comes with information like the name of the auditor or examiner, their phone number, and office address. The notice will let the taxpayer know what issues are being reviewed and what documents are being requested for.

From this notice, you can determine what kind of examination or audit you’ll be facing. It could be a mail audit, an office audit, or a field audit. Often, the form 4564 or 886A will be attached to the notice, asking you some specific questions.

Additionally, the IRS may request that you call to make an appointment for your audit. During this time, you will be expected to submit documents to support some of the information contained in your tax return.


Irs letter 2205 deadline

The Irs letter 2205 notice has a short deadline of 7 days. Hence, when you receive it from the IRS, you should immediately begin to put relevant and necessary documents together, as your tax auditor or examiner will most likely want to see them during the audit.

Missing the deadline is not good for you as it may make the IRS completely remove the items in question from your tax return and will make you assess additional tax fees, penalties, and interests.

It is also worthy to note that the IRS Letter 2205 is divided into two categories, namely, the Letter 2205 A and Letter 2205 B.

The fundamental difference between these two is that while the IRS letter 2205-A is a category for individual taxpayers, Letter 2205-B is for business taxpayers.

After receiving news of your return selected for examination via the letter 2205 from the IRS, you have different options to explore. You can either call the IRS and book an appointment for the audit while struggling to get your documents and relevant proof in order, or you can hire a professsional to do the job for you. The choice is yours.

As a tax relief firm, we have helped dozens of satisfied clients who have had their return selected for examination scale their impending IRS audit, and we can help you too. All you have to do is get in tough with us via phone or email, explain the details of your unique situation, and we will take it up from there! Call us today.


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