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Letter 3172- Notice of federal tax lien

Notice! You have an unpaid balance due

The IRS uses Letter 3172 to send notice of federal tax lien to taxpayers when they owe a large amount of back taxes.

If you have received the 3172 letter, it means that you owe a lot of taxes to the IRS. The IRS letter 3172 is similar to the IRS Form 668Y, in that they both a notice of federal tax lien.

A lien notice letter does not come out of the blues. The IRS must have tried to get your attention several times before by sending you other notices reminding you to pay up the amount you owe in back taxes.

Failure to respond to these notices will eventually lead to you getting the notice of lien letter (letter 3172). This letter comes as a reminder of your unpaid taxes too. Just that in this case, it’s a more stern reminder – the IRS is letting you know that failure to respond positively by resolving your tax debt will lead to a federal tax lien being imposed on you. This will happen fast too – within 30days from the date you receive the notice.

In a nutshell, IRS letter 3172 is simply a notice of federal tax lien and your right to a hearing.

This lien notice letter is one of the IRS notices that require your immediate attention. You can not afford to sit down and ignore this notice because the outcome of that would be disastrous.

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What does a notice of federal tax lien contain?

As we mentioned earlier, the primary aim of this notice is to inform the taxpayer that a federal tax lien has been issued on their property.

The notice provides information about the total period of time for which the federal tax lien was put on the taxpayer and the amount.

The notice will most times, comes with information regarding how you can appeal the tax lien, especially if you believe the IRS may have made a mistake on your account. nevertheless, when handling these matters, it’s best to seek help from professionals.

A federal tax lien is not a great thing. It is when the IRS sets a monetary hold on your property. This happens when you owe the IRS. The best way to avoid liens is by paying your debts early and arranging for payment plans that align with your budget, with the IRS.

How to dispute a tax lien

Has a lien been placed on your assets already and you’re wondering how to dispute a tax lien?

It’s quite easy. You can dispute a tax lien by making a request immediately after you receive the notice. You are at liberty to appeal the lien by filling form 9423 and submitting it to the IRS. You file the form 9423 for a chance to stop all collection actions that are being proposed against your account. It is important to state the reason why you are filling and filing form 9423 because taxpayers fill form 9423 for reasons ranging from appealing a federal tax lien, appealing a federal tax levy, asset seizure, or the refusal of an isnstallment agreement.

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