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IRS CP59- There is no record of your tax return

Have you received the IRS CP59 notice and are wondering what it is and how to respond?

The IRS notice CP59 is sent to taxpayers by the IRS when they have reason to believe that you did not file your prior tax returns or return.

In other words, the IRS sends the CP59 to notify you that it has no record of tax returns being filed by you. Most times, this request comes because the IRS suspects that you fall into the non-filers category, and therefore, you owe them.

The IRS cp59 may also be sent to a taxpayer in a case where they filed an extension yet failed to file, or if they had home mortgage interest but no income. This makes the IRS raise an eyebrow.

If you believe that this notice is a mistake because you have filed your tax returns correctly up to date, you are at liberty to dispute this notice. But to do this, you must have the certified mailing receipt that came along with the notice.

If you don’t have this receipt, it is better to just refile.


How to respond to the IRS cp59

To respond to the IRS cp59 notice, the first thing you need to do is to read the notice thoroughly and understand what it is trying to communicate to you.

Next, you can either choose to file the tax return the IRS is asking for, or respond by explaining your unique situation to the IRS.

You can also fill the Form 15103 to explain a few things to the IRS like the reason you have not, or do not have to file.

You can send this to the IRS by detaching the notice stub and mailing it with your tax return and the filled Form 15103 using the envelope supplied.


Other helpful tips for tackling a delinquency notice

The IRS cp59 is not an urgent notice. You do not have to respond to it immediately. however, you are still expected to respond to avoid getting into a complicated tax situation.

If you choose to file your original return again, you should comb through your records more carefully, as you may find some more deductions.

If you receive the IRS notice cp59, do not panic. This notice is not an audit and may not even lead to one. All the IRS needs is your tax return. That’s it.

But as we mentioned earlier, they likely have reason to believe that you owe them so it is a dicey situation. You are advised to get a tax professional to represent your interests to the IRS.

If you’re scared that the IRS will take collection actions against you, you should know that they can’t do that until you have filed your return or they’re forced to do it for you. Send us an email at for more information.


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