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How to find out Property Tax

How to find out Property Tax

Do you pay taxes on the pieces of property that you own? Are you sure you are paying the correct amount due, or are you being overcharged due to some unknown errors and oversights.

Property taxes serve as a major source of income for both local and state goverments. The reveue derived from property taxes are used to fund essential services such as education, tramsport, law enforcement, and security. This is perhaps why state and local governments take the collection of property taxes very seriously. There are laws that govern the property tax collection process, and they will not hesitate to penalize you if fail to adhere to them.

In order to correctly evaluate how much the property taxes on your piece of real estate will cost, you must first understand how property taxes are calculated. The cost of property tax varies because there are different types of tax assessments on different pieces of real estate. An empty piece of land, for example, may have a lwoer assessed value than one that has been developed; hence, it will require the owner to pay a lower amount in property taxes.

The assessment of a property’s taxes is carried out by an assesor who sets the amount that the property will be taxed based on a percentage of the assessed value of the property. It should also be noted that school districts, cities, and counties reserve the right to levy taxes against properties that are erected within their boundaries.

Property Tax Calculator

In trying to know how to find out property tax, the first thing you should know is that the amount you will pay in property taxes is based on two things:

  • The tax rate in your local government
  • Your property’s assessed value

What this means is that in order to find out how much you have due in property taxes, all you have to do is take the assessed value of your home and multiply it by the tax rate.

Another thing that you must know is that your home’s assessed value is not the amount of money that you paid for the hosue. The home’s assessed value (otherwise known as appraised value) is the prive that the government’s tax agent or property assessor sets as the assessed value of the house.

Additionally, since the property tax rates are dteremined by local goevrments, the price may vary from place to palce even within the same state.

You must also remember that property tax rates aren’t static, they can change from time to time. This factor makes it doubly important to keep abreast with property tax laws to prevent unwanted penalities.

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