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How to find out if you have a Tax Lien

How to find out if you have a Tax Lien

If you are a property owner that has fallen behind on their tax payments, then you may be faced with either an Internal Revenue Service tax lien, a property tax lien, or a state tax lien at some point in your life.

Before a tax lien is enforced on your account, you will be sent several notices informing you about your delinquent taxes and about the possibility of an impending tax lien.

When you fail to pay your due taxes, you will receive a “payment due” notice. If you still fail to pay up, you will then receive a “past due” notice informing you that a tax lien or wage garnishment is the next course of action.

Outlined below are 2 ways to know if you have a tax lien leveled against you:

  1. Call the Tax office:

If you are behind on your tax payments, you can place a call to the tax office to find out if a lien has already been placed on your account.

The representative that you speak to will most likely ask you to provide details such as your name, your date of birth, and your social security number. It is important to have this information handy before you make the call.

If a lien is in process but has not yet been fully enforced, you will be advised on the options that are available to you to help you stop the lien from being placed. Such options include an offer in compromise or an IRS installment plan.


  1. Perform a “Title” search on your property:

When a tax lien is recorded on a property, it is also recorded on the title abstract. The title abstract is a public record that shows the history of owners, liens, and encumbrances that a property has. You should be able to access this information online, but just in case you are unable to, go to the office of the recorder or assessor in your county. Request that they provide you with the title for the property in question and review it appropriately.

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