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How to change a Tax Return after Filing

The IRS requires you to file tax returns for every fiscal year. Sometimes, you are required to file only a federal or state tax return, and other times, you are required to file both federal and state tax returns. You may have been filing your tax returns by yourself all this while, and you may not have had any problems so far. However, singlehandedly filing tax returns is a practice that we advise most of our clients against.

Why do we advise our clients against filing their tax returns by themselves? Because singlehandedly filing a tax return can make it prone to errors and oversights that would not have escaped the notice of the eyes of a professional. Also, filing tax returns can be confusing and complicated, with all the numbers and documents to make sense of. You are better off turning the whole process over to a qualified professional for both ease and efficiency.

As mentioned earlier, a taxpayer who singlehandedly files their tax returns is open to a higher chance of making a mistake; the question, therefore, becomes: how can I change the contents of a tax return after I have filed it?

Luckily, the IRS provides taxpayers with the opportunity to amend tax returns that have already been filed. This ensures that all your previously filed tax returns contain no errors, and report the exact amount that is due in taxes.


What is an amended Tax Return?

An amended tax return is a return filed to the IRS for the purpose of correcting the information on a tax return filed from the previous year.

An amended tax return can be of immeasurable benefit to the taxpayer because it not only allows you correct errors but also to secure a better tax status claim with the IRS. A good example of this will be a tax refund. After amending your tax return, you may discover that you owe the IRS less than you estimated in taxes, giving room for you to receive a tax refund. You may, on the other hand, also find out that you owe the IRS more than you anticipate in taxes. Regardless of the outcome, it is always important to have your tax returns filed correctly in order to avoid unnecessary complications in the future such as unwanted interests and penalties.

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