Attorneys are like heroes that help you fight when you can’t do it alone. Unlike accountants who deal mainly with numbers, attorneys handle both planning and problematic events.

A tax attorney is a lawyer whose specialty is in the area of tax law. Although getting a lawyer is a great defense strategy, that is not all they are useful for.

Tax attorneys can offer you expert advice to keep you from falling into tax trouble that would require the intervention of an expert.

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Why do you need a tax attorney?

Tax attorneys make every tax situation easier and less emotionally distressing. Virtually every taxpayer can do with the services of a tax attorney, however, if you are in any of the following situations, you may need the services of a tax attorney more:


  • You need someone to communicate with the IRS on your behalf: When the IRS sends you a notice, you may be caught off guard and not know what to do. There are many reasons the IRS sends notices and you may not be quite sure how to respond to them or handle the situation. In such a case, you need a tax attorney fast.


  • Your tax and law complications are too complex for you to understand: If you have issues making sense of your tax payments, you may find the help of an attorney very useful. Little complications can lead to huge problems for you. Thus, when you’re faced with an issue you do not understand, it is best to hire the services of a tax attorney to help you make sense of it.


  • Auditing problems: If you are being audited by the IRS, complications may arise. After going through an audition, if you do not agree with the auditor’s decision, you may want to appeal and you will need a tax attorney to represent you. The tax attorney can help you negotiate with the IRS or represent you in court.


Benefits of having a tax attorney

There are so many benefits of hiring a tax attorney. A tax attorney is not just an accessory for the rich or for powerful corporations; every taxpayer can benefit from having a tax attorney in the following ways:


  • Defense: A tax attorney is skilled to help you solve cases such as: wrong auditing, tax-related charges, and penalties for tax violations.
  • If you are being audited by the IRS, a tax attorney will help you deal with the legalities.
  • Tax-related crimes are taken very seriously and if you are faced with any allegation, immediately hiring an attorney to defend you is in your best interest. Getting a tax attorney ensures that you are well represented in court. 
  • Tax planning: Even when nothing has gone wrong, you need a tax attorney. Tax attorneys help you plan your tax payments and avoid filing mistakes.
  • A tax attorney will help you maximize your benefits and take advantage of deductions that are available to you.

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