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There was a miscalculation on your tax return- The CP11 notice

Makings sense of your CP11 notice

Many times, when taxpayers meet with tax professionals to talk about what they have going on with the IRS, where they are in the taxation process, and what the status of everything is, they bring out a stack of IRS notices that have been left unopened.

This goes to show how much ignorance still exists among many of the people who receive IRS notices. Many taxpayers are yet to begin figuring out what their IRS notice means and when they should really start taking action about them.

We have several posts addressing each IRS notice and you can easily find them when you take out the time to read our blog. However, in this post, we will be talking about the IRS CP11 notice. We will cover fundamental questions such as what is the IRS CP11? How should you respond? And when?


What is the IRS CP11?

The IRS CP11 is used to notify you of a mathematical error on your tax return (this wouldn’t happen if you turn your taxes over to a professional firm like ours to handle). If this notice comes to you, it simply means that there has been a miscalculation and as a result of that, you owe more money on your taxes than you originally thought. Although this notice expects a payment action from you, it is not a bill, and you do not have to pay if you do not agree with the information on the notice.

Nevertheless, this notice is one that requires quick action from you and we’re here to help you with that. So if you have questions like:

  • What is Cp 11?
  • How do I pay IRS CP11?
  • Why is the IRS saying I owe more money?

Read further. We’re about to answer all of these questions and more.


What do you need to do when you receive a CP11 notice?

Every time you receive an IRS notice, you should immediately seek to educate yourself about the most appropriate ways to respond and the right actions to take. The IRS CP11 notice usually comes with a concise explanation of why you now owe the IRS.

The notice will also contain information on the changes the IRS made to your return, and provide you with sufficient information regarding why they made those changes. These explanations come so that you’re not left in the dark and just asked to pay a sum of money that you know nothing about.

Generally, there are two ways to respond to an IRS cp11 notice…


How to respond if you disagree with the IRS cp11 notice

In the event that you do not agree with the information contained in the CP11 notice, you are not obligated to pay the money the IRS claims that you owe. In fact, you shouldn’t.

The right step to take if you disagree with the IRS CP11 notice is to contact the IRS as soon as possible. The CP11 is one of the IRS notices that require action from you and has a deadline for that.

The deadline for responding to an IRS CP11 notice is 60 days from the day the notice came to you. You may think that’s a lot of time, but it’s not. So you have to act fast. You can contact the IRS either by mail or by telephone.

If you’re mailing the IRS, you are required to provide a copy of the notice you received along with any other necessary documentation or correspondence. After this, you are advised to allow 30-60 or more days to pass in order to get a resolution.

To contact the IRS by telephone, all you need to do is call the number that appears on the notice you received. Calling the IRS is a faster way to issues like this. This is because you can verbally explain as much as possible and your information will not be misconstrued. If you need to send some documents after calling the IRS, you can do that by faxing the information to them while still on the phone with them.


What to do if you agree with the IRS CP11 notice

In this case, just one action is required of you – payment.

You are expected to pay the amount you owe by the date indicated on the notice. You can use the electronic payment option by visiting the web page on the IRS site.

If you can not pay everything you owe immediately, you can call the IRS to get payment options and arrange to pay in installments. For your own records, you can also correct your own copy of your tax return.

If you have received the IRS CP11 notice and you need assistance, we can help you with that. We are trained tax professionals and our job is to make these processes easy for you and to help you make the best of the situation. Call us now.


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