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Are tax relief companies legitimate?

Are tax relief companies legitimate?

If you’re in a bad financial state and overwhelmed with tax debts, then you are ten times more likely to hurriedly go for anyone -believable or not – who offers you the tiniest glimmer of hope that they might be able to get you some form of tax relief.

Tax debts have bad implications for taxpayers who are unable to resolve the amount that they owe to the IRS. The longer you wait to resolve your tax debts, the more penalties and interests accumulate on the amount you originally owed. This is why every taxpayer who has tax liabilities is always looking for the way out of them, else they land into trouble with the IRS.

What are Tax relief companies?

Tax relief companies are companies that promise to help taxpayers reduce their tax liability by using the different legitimate options available to them depending on their unique tax situation.

You may have seen those ads on the TV where a company offers to solve your tax liabilities and debts for pennies on the dollar or they announce the start of a new fresh start program for taxpayers and make lots of magical promises.

While some of these companies are good at tax relief and are legitimate, a large percentage of them are not, as a lot of people employed in some of these tax relief companies are not attorneys or enrolled agents.

To be an enrolled agent, you either need to be an attorney or a Certified Public Accountant. Enrolled agents are further made to go through a test before they are given a license to practice.

The problem with Tax relief companies

The problem with many of these tax relief companies is that although they claim to be supervised by attorneys, there’s usually no attorney working on all the cases.

Worse still, some people who pose to be tax relief companies are really not. They are just scammers who need to get access to your personal details and wreck havoc.

The danger of going for such tax relief companies is that they will not only not help you, but they will make your situation much worse at the end of it all. The last thing you want is another problem compounded on your already stressful one.

Another big issue with some tax debt relief companies is that you don’t know who you’re dealing with. The person you’ll speak with is usually a salesperson and not a qualified tax consultant who can give you good advice regarding your tax debt situation.

When you’re hiring someone on your tax project, you want someone who is actually knowledgeable in the area of taxes. An expert. You should not trust just anybody with your taxes. You also need someone with a professional license. You want to make sure that the person that you’re hiring is the person that is actually going to solve the problem for you. Another thing you should look out for is good testimonials from people who have worked with that tax relief company before.

As the IRS has made provisions for taxpayers to get reductions on their tax debts and escape penalties, we at Souri, Gazda, and Co. have a team of licensed professionals who are always available to help guide you through the right path laid down by the IRS to get your reduction.

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