Every taxpayer is required to file a tax return for the previous fiscal year, and may only realize that they have made a mistake in filling out the forms when they have been submitted accepted by the IRS.  

Filing a tax return can be a confusing and complicated process. This leaves a lot of room for errors and miscalculations, especially due to the fact that you face dynamic tax laws, and can easily get lost in a sea of documents. You may accidentally exclude an important document, or forgo certain merits that you are entitled to. 

Amending a tax return ensures that all your previously filed tax returns contain no errors, and report the accurate amount you owe in taxes. This could mean you owe more money than you imagined, and it could also mean that you owe less money than you imagined. Regardless of whose favour the amended result of the tax return is in, it is crucial to file a tax report correctly, as the IRS or state may include interests and penalties on the error. 

How can we help you amend your tax returns? 

If you have mistakenly filed an erroneous tax return, and you now owe additional taxes, we will immediately begin action to file an amendment and limit any interest that may be charged on your account. Additionally, if you have accidentally filed an erroneous tax return, and you are entitled to a refund, we will file an amendment to ensure that you get a maximum refund as soon as possible. 

We will also check for any other missed credits and deductions in order to get you the lowest tax amount achievable, and begin the process of getting you a penalty abatement (link) if the due date for the repayment of the tax amount has already passed. 

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