Are you in distress over the amount of taxes you owe? Is IRS debt a major source of concern for you and your family? 

We are Souri, Gazda, and Co., and we fight the IRS on your behalf. We offer individuals with tax-related issues a vast array of services ranging from tax settlement, to garnishment removal, and tax investigation to help them lower the overall amount of tax debt they owe and negotiate workable payment agreements with the IRS. 

We know how difficult and mentally exhausting being stuck in tax debt can be, therefore, we offer our clients top-notch guidance on tax audits and other crucial areas of the tax collection process. We prevent the enforcement of any collection activity that the IRS or state tax authorities may take against you, by providing you with a licensed and professional tax attorney. 

At Souri, Gazda, and Co., our goal is to solve the biggest problems faced by taxpayers today and provide you with unlimited access to resources and support. We assess each individual situation carefully and give you advice tailored to meet the specific tax problem you are facing. With our intervention and support, our clients can effortlessly navigate the mazes of tax payment, all for an incredibly affordable fee. 

As customer-focused tax relief organization, we have a team of diligent professionals working tirelessly on behalf of our clients. Our professionals respect your privacy and put in their best effort to ensure that you receive bespoke tax resolution services that set you on the path to peace, happiness, and financial freedom. 

It is no secret that dealing with taxes can be confusing, and facing the IRS can be downright intimidating. Let us be your middle man. We can offer you guidance that not only helps you communicate with the IRS effectively but completely resolves your tax debt as well.   

We have been there before. We have helped a multitude of clients before you to get expedited tax relief; let us help you too. You do not have to fight the IRS alone; let us win the battle for you. We are dedicated to eliminating your tax-debt and seeing you live a financially free life. 

Our team of qualified professionals is available round the clock to provide you with the assistance you need. Contact us now at 888-585-8629 or 617-430-4674 or send us an email at [email protected].

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